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The making of Lia Tarachansky’s “On the Side of the Road”

Filmmaker Lia Tarachansky in Winnipeg Nov 9, 2016. Photo: Paul S. Graham
Winnipeg, Nov. 9, 2016: Israeli filmmaker and correspondent for The Real News Network Lia Tarachansky screened and then discussed the motivation for and the making of her documentary film “On the Side of the Road.” The former West Bank settler examines Israelis’ unwillingness and/or […]

Vigil marks 2nd anniversary of Operation Protective Edge

Winnipeg, August 2, 2016: Peace and human rights organizations held a vigil for the Palestinians killed in the 2014 Israeli attack on Gaza known as Operation Protective Edge. Photo: Rana Abdulla
By Candice Bodnaruk
Winnipeg – On August 2nd, 2016, over two dozen people gathered at the the Israel Folklorama Pavilion for the third annual vigil to […]

Winnipeg in Spring – Solidarity with Palestine

Winnipeg, May 28, 2016: Peace Alliance Winnipeg and Independent Jewish Voices Winnipeg joined forces to hand out information to Liberal Party delegates about the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign against Israel and to remind them that Liberals must not cease supporting free speech and human rights. Photo: Paul S. Graham
By Glenn Michalchuk
The 2016 Walk for […]

Israel and the destruction of Palestinian education

By Candice Bodnaruk
June 11, 2016: Peace Alliance Winnipeg member Candice Bodnaruk spoke at the Winnipeg Walk for Peace on the impact of Israeli occupation on Palestinian education. Photo: Paul S. Graham
In so many ways children are the greatest victims of Israel’s occupation of Palestine. We know Israel deliberately targets children, whether it’s sniper attacks in […]

Winnipeg Solidarity with Gaza

by Glenn Michalchuk and Paul S. Graham
About 800 Winnipeggers gathered at the Manitoba Legislate on the evening of July 14th to protest the continuing Israeli bombardment of Gaza and the support of the Canadian government for Israel’s military action. The action was organized by Canadian Palestinian Association of MB (CPAM), Canada-Palestine Support Network (Winnipeg) and […]

The “new JNF”

Winnipeg, May 27, 2014: “Scarlet Mowchanson” greets her adoring fans in front of the Winnipeg Concert Hall where the annual Negev Gala was being held to raise funds for the Jewish National Fund. Photo: Paul S. Graham
Activists from Independent Jewish Voices Canada staged some street theatre outside the annual Negev Gala, held May 27th at […]

Even if Syria Complies on Chemical Arms, Six Others Still at Large

By Thalif Deen
UNITED NATIONS, Sep 10 2013 (IPS) – If Syria eventually agrees to relinquish its stockpile of chemical arms under the 1993 international Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), what of the six other countries that have either shown reluctance or refused to join the treaty?
Currently, there are 189 states that have signed and ratified the […]

Israel’s coming “civil war”

Haredi men in Israel. Photo: Marc Israel Sellem / The Jerusalem Post
Israel’s Coming “Civil War”: The Haredi Jews Confront the Militarized Secular Zionist State
By Professor James Petras, Global Research
Israel is heading towards a profound internal crisis: a Jew-on-Jew confrontation, which has major implications for its relations with the Palestinians, as well as its Arab neighbors. […]

War Clouds Over Gaza Again

A demonstration in Jerusalem against Israeli aggression. Credit: Jillian Kestler-D’Amours/IPS.
By Jillian Kestler-D’Amours
JERUSALEM, Nov 15 2012 (IPS) – As Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip enters its second day, Palestinians fear that this is only the beginning of another widespread Israeli offensive into the besieged Palestinian territory that would leave them nowhere to hide.
“People are very […]

Can BDS succeed?

Video: Can boycott, divestment and sanctions stop Israeli apartheid?
By Paul S. Graham
On July 9, 2005 , Palestinian civil society put out the call for an international campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions to compel the Israeli state to follow international law. Specifically, the signatories called on Israel to:

End its occupation and colonization of all Arab […]