Call on Canada to stop the attack on Rafah

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Islamic Relief Canada has launched an email campaign to convince the Canadian government to oppose the Israeli attack on Rafah, Gaza. The email, which will be sent to one’s Member of Parliament, reads:

I am a constituent in your riding and I am urging you add your voice to the cause calling for an intervention in protecting 1.5 million innocent Palestinian civilians in Rafah, amidst the ongoing offensive by Israel. As your constituent, I urge you to publicly denounce Israel’s actions in Rafah and advocate for an immediate ceasefire. Canada has a moral obligation to uphold international humanitarian law and must utilize all available diplomatic measures to pressure Israel into halting its offensive and protecting civilian lives. Furthermore, I implore you to take immediate action to revoke all weapons and munition export permits to Israel to prevent further devastation. Rafah needs you to uphold our Canadian values by calling for an end to this offensive, call for a ceasefire, and end all weapons exports to Israel.

Over 34,000 Palestinians have been killed, and more remain at risk due to Israeli strikes, famine, lack of water and more. The situation in Gaza has gone out of control. Palestinians are trapped in Rafah, where they face imminent danger and lack even the basic necessities. The current offensive in Rafah has left no safe zones remaining for them to evacuate. Despite evacuation orders to designated “safe humanitarian zones” like al Mawasi, civilians continue to face attacks and suffer from severe shortages of essential resources such as food and water.

The people of Rafah need you to act on your conscience and call for an end to the violence and ensure their safety. Canada must uphold international principles of justice, peace, and human dignity.

You can join the campaign here.

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