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UN finds “systematic” torture in Afghanistan

By Allissa J. Rubin, New York Times, Oct. 10, 2011
KABUL, Afghanistan — Suspects are hung by their hands, beaten with cables, and in some cases their genitals are twisted until they lose consciousness in detention facilities run by the Afghan intelligence service and the Afghan national police, according to a study released Monday by the […]

Afghanistan: Canada’s war continues

By the Canadian Peace Alliance
If you had to rely on mainstream media reports or the latest government press release, you would think that Canada had completely left Afghanistan. Most discussions about Canada’s mission focus exclusively on whether the combat role has been a success or failure. What is absent is a critical look at the […]

Jimmy Cliff: Stop the war in Afghanistan

Jimmy Cliff sang this at the Glastonbury Festival on June 24, 2011, changing the title of his 1960s anti-war hit Vietnam to Afghanistan. His uncompromising anti-war message was broadcast to a huge TV audience.
Hey, Afghanistan, Afghanistan
Afghanistan, Afghanistan
Afghanistan, Afghanistan, Afghanistan
Yesterday I got a letter from my friend fighting in Afghanistan
And this is what […]

Canadian Peace Alliance statement on Afghan detainee files

Judicial Inquiry NOW!
Release All the Afghan Detainee files
Canadian soldiers guard suspected Taliban prisoners in Northern Kandahar, May 10, 2006. The suspects were subsequently handed over to the Afghan National Police. Photograph by: John D. McHugh/AFP/Getty Images,
By the Canadian Peace Alliance
Despite what John Baird and Peter MacKay said, the release of 4,000 heavily censored files […]

How the Afghan mission influenced the election

By Carl Meyer, Embassey Magazine, May 4, 2011
While foreign policy was rarely mentioned or discussed during the election campaign, a bold new post-vote thesis is emerging, one in which Liberal support for the unpopular Canadian mission in Afghanistan pushed many voters—particularly those in Quebec—into the arms of the NDP.
“If you think […]

Can we bring the troops home now?

Robert Fisk: If this is a US victory, does that mean its forces should go home now?
Iran spoke for many Arabs when it said Bin Laden’s death took away the West’s reason to have troops in the region
By Robert Fisk: The Independent, May 4, 2011
So why are we in Afghanistan? Didn’t the Americans and […]

Afghan training mission has high risk of casualties, low chance of success

Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan honour fallen comrades. Photo: AP
By the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
OTTAWA—The government’s plan to extend the Canadian Forces mission in Afghanistan deserves a public debate, argues a new report published by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and the Rideau Institute.
Analysts Michael Byers and Stuart Webb determine that the […]

Two wars and no election debate

By Betty Plewes, The Mark, April 15, 2011
It’s time to start discussing Canada’s role in Afghanistan and Libya, and Canada’s declining global reputation.
Co-authored by Hunter McGill and Ian Smillie.
HMCS Charlottetown en route to Libya.
Under the Harper government, Canada has lost its way internationally, unable to think beyond Afghanistan and now Libya. We have become […]

Let’s not talk about war in front of the voters

Canadian soldiers with the 1st RCR Battle Group, the Royal Canadian Regiment, patrol in the Panjwaii district near Salavat, southwest of Kandahar, Afghanistan, early Thursday morning, Sept. 9, 2010. (AP / Anja Niedringhaus)
By Michael Byers, CBC News, April 14, 2011
Seven UN staff members were hunted down and killed this month after more than 1,000 Afghans, […]

Rally: Stop US drone attacks on Pakistan

[ March 7, 2011; 5:30 pm; ]

Location: U.S. Consulate, 201 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg

Organizer: ACTION 1:21

Background: We are a Christian group that believes following Jesus involves working for justice and peace. Our name is derived from Phillipians 1:21, a Bible verse “for me, to live is Christ and to die is gain”. Although we are a Christian group we look […]