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Life in Aida Camp, West Bank

An eight-meter-high "security wall" borders part of the Aida refugee camp, 1.5 km north of the city of Bethlehem. Credit: Fabiola Ortiz/IPS

An eight-meter-high “security wall” borders part of the Aida refugee camp, 1.5 km north of the city of Bethlehem. Credit: Fabiola Ortiz/IPS
By Fabíola Ortiz, Inter Press Service News Agency
AIDA CAMP, West Bank, Oct 10 2016 (IPS) – Over almost five decades of Israeli occupation, the number of Palestinian refugees has grown with every generation, saturating […]

Walk for Peace: Freedom for Palestine

Photo: Paul S. Graham
The theme of the 35th annual Walk for Peace was “Freedom for Palestine.” Speakers included First Nations educator Mary Elizabeth Stanley, Palestinian-Canadian human rights activist Rana Abdulla and Peace Alliance Winnipeg member Candice Bodnaruk.
You can watch their presentations in the video below.

The event was sponsored by Peace Alliance Winnipeg and the Winnipeg […]

Video – Palestine solidarity action in Winnipeg

Winnipeg, Nov. 12, 2011: Bilan Arte, of Students Against Israeli Apartheid, addresses a group that rallied to distribute leaflets in support of Palestinian rights. Photo: Paul S. Graham

Members of the Canada-Palestine Support Network, Independent Jewish Voices, Peace Alliance Winnipeg, Students Against Israeli Apartheid and the Winnipeg Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid rallied at Osborne and Broadway […]

Canadian Boat to Gaza update

Freedom Wave riders beaten, denied access to family; organizers demand accountability
By Canadian Boat to Gaza

November 5, 2011 – Freedom Waves to Gaza organizers have not yet had any direct communication with the delegates from the ships Tahrir and Saoirse. Organizers are demanding that Israel immediately free the remaining people they have kidnapped and are illegally […]

Israeli privilege is unsustainable – Amira Hass

Sept. 30, 2011 – Award-winning Israeli journalist Amira Hass speaking at the University of Winnipeg on the need to end the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories. Photo: Paul S. Graham
by Paul S. Graham
“Inhuman, immoral and unsustainable” are the words used by Amira Hass to describe what she terms “the State of Israel and the privileges […]

Amira Hass: Palestine / Israel: Fear of the Future

[ September 30, 2011; 7:30 pm; ] Location: Room 4M31, Manitoba Hall, University of Winnipeg, 515 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg

Admission: $15 non-students , $10 students (with ID). Seating is limited, so purchase your ticket early to avoid disappointment. Those purchasing tickets online will have reserved seating in the front of the auditorium. To make your purchase online, click here.

Sponsors: CJPME and Kairos: Canadian Ecumenical […]

Israel and Palestine: What’s going on and what can we do?

By Paul S. Graham
On June 8, 2011, Project Peacemakers Forum panelists Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd and Howard Davidson discussed “Israel and Palestine: What is going on and what can we do?”
Did they succeed in answering these questions? Yes and no. No, because this is a huge, complex topic and considerably more time would […]

Video: Winnipeg activists support the Canadian Boat to Gaza

Today, about 30 Winnipeg activists responded to the actions of the Greek government to block the Tahrir and other vessels that make up Freedom Flotilla II from sailing for Gaza with an information picket in the city’s Osborne Village neighbourhood.
The Tahrir is the Canadian vessel in the Flotilla. As with all […]

Winnipeg Rally for the Canadian Boat to Gaza

[ July 2, 2011; 1:00 pm; ]

Location: Corner of River Avenue and Osborne Street, Winnipeg


Independent Jewish Voices (Winnipeg)
Canada Palestine Support Network (Winnipeg)
Peace Alliance Winnipeg


The Canadian Boat to Gaza, The Tahrir, is being prevented by Greek authorities from leaving its port in Greece.  The US Boat to Gaza, The Audacity […]

Support the Canadian Boat to Gaza

By Canadian Boat to Gaza, July 1, 2011

Israel’s Blockade has reached the shores of Europe
We Will Not Let Israel Control Gaza or International Water
The Canadian Boat to Gaza, […]