Workers in Solidarity with Palestine at Winnipeg May Day Rally

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by Candice Bodnaruk

On May 1, International Workers Day, people gathered in solidarity at Winnipeg’s City Hall for Workers Stand With Palestine, an action against apartheid and genocide in Gaza. The sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky as people took to the streets to support Palestinians in Gaza.

People held giant papier mache poppies and watermelons as they marched through Winnipeg streets, chanting labour and Palestinians solidarity slogans. The marchers, which brought several curious downtown residents to their balconies, travelled south on Main St. to the Union Centre on Broadway, and then back to City Hall.

Manitoba Healthcare Workers for a Ceasefire commented on the MGEU’s (Manitoba General Employees Union) silence around its members support for Palestinians in Gaza. Several speakers also gave call outs of support to the university and college students around the world who are holding sit-ins and encampments for Gaza, calling for their schools to divest from Israel.

Labour for Palestine members spoke of the importance of working against war and advocating for Canadian divestment from weapons companies.

The Canadian Palestinian Association of Manitoba (CPAM), Community Solidarity Manitoba, Independent Jewish Voices, Labour for Palestine, Manitoba Healthcare Workers for a Ceasefire and United May Day Committee were all sponsors of the May Day Rally and March.


Photos by Glenn Michalchuk

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