Canada loses a human rights champion

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Canada lost a passionate defender of human rights on December 30, 2023, with the passing of Edmonton-based lawyer Dennis Edney at the age of 77.

Among his many high profile human rights cases, the one most well-known was his successful defence of Omar Khadr. Peace Alliance Winnipeg was an outspoken supporter of Omar Khadr and on two occasions (in 2014 and 2015) sponsored public meetings featuring Dennis Edney that raised funds for Khadr’s legal defence.

Here are videos of these public meetings. While Omar Khadr eventually gained his freedom, and was financially compensated by the Government of Canada for the violation of his rights, Edney’s eloquent description of the threat to human rights posed by the Khadr affair remains relevant to this day.

Dennis Edney’s family has invited those who wish to make a charitable contribution in honour of Dennis, to donate to the Alzheimer’s Society (AB, NWT) or Amnesty International, Canada.

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