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Parliamentary action on war resisters

This just came in from from the War Resisters Support Campaign.
The Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration has passed a motion again today calling on the Harper government to stop deportations of US Iraq war resisters. Please call Stephen Harper and Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Jason Kenney and demand that they implement the standing [...]

Omar Khadr’s return in country’s best interest, say opposition MPs

Liberal MP Bob Rae, centre, Bloc MP Paul Crête, left, and NDP MP Paul Dewar banded together at a news conference on Parliament Hill on Wednesday to push the Harper government to deal with the case of Omar Khadr. (Adrian Wyld/Associated Press)
With Washington poised to shut down the Guantanamo Bay military prison, it’s in Canada’s [...]

Obama’s “War on Terror”

by Stephen Lendman, Global Research, February 10, 2009
The language is softened and deceptive. The strategy and tactics are not. The “war on terror” continues. Promised change is talk, not policy. Just look at Obama’s “war cabinet,” discussed in an earlier article. It assures:
– the “strongest military on the planet” by outspending all other countries combined;
– [...]

Canadian Peace Alliance Statement on the Gaza Ceasefire

January 20, 2009
On Saturday January 17, after 22 days of bombing which killed more than 1200 people, including 400 children, wounded more than 5000 and displaced more than 100,000, the Israeli government declared a unilateral ceasefire and a halt to the bombings of the people of Gaza. The Canadian Peace Alliance and the international community [...]

“Let Them Stay” Week – January 19-26

January is a critical month for U.S. war resisters living in Canada. Canadians have made it clear through polls, vigils, letters, petitions, rallies, and many other means, that they want American soldiers who refuse to participate in the Iraq war to be allowed to stay.
The House of Commons passed a motion in June 2008 calling [...]

Canada’s Shame: Conservative government votes against human rights

Canadian Peace Alliance urges that you send a letter to Stephen Harper
On January 12, 2008 the United Nations Human Rights Council voted to condemn the “massive violations of human rights” by Israel in Gaza. Thirty three countries voted in favour of the resolution and, shamefully, Canada was the only country to vote against.
Simply cut and [...]

Dallaire wants Obama to halt Khadr trial

Canwest News Service, Vancouver Sun, Jan. 12, 2009
WASHINGTON — Senator Romeo Dallaire and several human rights activists were in Washington on Monday calling on president-elect Barack Obama to stop the upcoming trial of Omar Khadr in Guantanamo Bay.
The trial of the 22-year-old Canadian, accused of killing a U.S. serviceman in Afghanistan in 2002, is set [...]

Christmas lumps of coal for war resisters from Santa Harper

The War Resisters Support Campaign says that U.S. war resister Cliff Cornell has been told by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to leave Canada by Dec. 24, or face removal by force. Another war resister, Kimberly Rivera, will receive a decision on her request to remain in Canada on Jan. 7. War resister Dean Walcott was [...]

A Terrible Milestone

Warrant Officer Robert John Wilson, Pte. Demetrios Diplaros, Cpl. Mark Robert McLaren, all from 1st Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment, were killed by an IED on Dec. 5, 2008. Photo: National Post
A terrible milestone was reached today with the deaths in Afghanistan of Cpl. Mark Robert McLaren, Pte. Demetrios Diplaros and Warrant Officer Robert John [...]