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Malalai Joya packs the house in Winnipeg

Malalai Joya speaking at Convocation Hall, Univeristy of Winnipeg, Nov. 16, 2009. Photo: Glenn Michalchuk
Malalai Joya spoke to a pack house of in Winnipeg last night at the University of Winnipeg. Three hundred people jammed into Convocation Hall to hear the Afghan MP’s passionate denunciation of the occupation of her country by NATO forces. Her […]

Support war resister Rodney Watson

Iraq war deserter takes sanctuary in Vancouver church
By John Bermingham, Vancouver Province, October 18, 2009

Rodney Watson speaks to the media  in   Vancouver  on October 19, 2009.  He is a U.S. war resister seeking asylum at the First United Church. Photo: Wayne Leidenfrost/ The Province.
VANCOUVER — U.S. army deserter Rodney Watson has become the first fugitive […]

Oppose plans to keep Canadian troops in Afghanistan

Troops may stay in Afghanistan after 2011: MacKay
by CBC News, Oct. 8, 2009
The Conservative government will let Parliament decide what Canada’s future role in Afghanistan will be beyond 2011, two cabinet ministers say.
The country’s troops may stay in Afghanistan in a non-combat role, Defence Minister Peter MacKay told the House of Commons defence committee in […]

Canada’s complicity in Iraq war

Hostile takeover: Canada’s outsourced war for Iraq’s oil riches

By Anthony Fenton, This Magazine, October 2009 issue
In March 2008, when the invasion of Iraq by George W. Bush’s “coalition of the willing” marked its fifth anniversary, Canadian media outlets were in a self-congratulatory mood: “Canada isn’t involved” there, one reporter wrote. “The further we get away […]

A boost for American war resisters in Canada

Support Bill C-440: first steps
by laura k, we move to canada, Sept. 17, 2009
We have a bill!
Bill C-440, a bill in support of US Iraq War resisters, was introduced in the House of Commons today. MP Gerard Kennedy (Parkdale-High Park) introduced the bill, seconded by Bill Siksay (Burnaby-Douglas).
This is a private member’s bill, and for […]

54% of Canadians oppose Afghan mission: EKOS poll

CBC News, July 16, 2009
A slim majority of Canadians oppose Canada’s participation in the ongoing war in Afghanistan, with the strongest opposition coming from Quebec, an EKOS poll suggests.
The poll, commissioned for CBC and released Thursday, asked: “Do you support or oppose Canadian military participation in Afghanistan?”
Nationally, 54 per cent said they opposed it, while […]

Afghanistan, Canada and the challenges facing the anti-war movement

By James Clark,, July 14, 2009
In just a few months, anti-war activists will mark the eighth anniversary of the launch of the U.S.-led “war on terror,” and the movement that emerged to counter it. Since 2001, Canada’s anti-war movement has accomplished a lot — including mass demonstrations in 2003 that helped stop the Chrétien […]

Dark side of Canada’s foreign policy exposed

Author critical of government, defence, mining industries, banks
By TAMARA LORINCZ, Halifax Chronicle Herald, May 31, 2009
The Canadian government supplied the uranium for the atomic bombs dropped on Japan in the Second World War. Ottawa supported South African apartheid by allowing trade and commerce with the racist government. With the support of our foreign service, Canadian […]

Recession won’t slow military spending: MacKay

By Mike Blanchfield, Canwest News Service, May 27, 2009
OTTAWA — The global economic downturn won’t prevent the Canadian Forces from spending $60 billion on new equipment, Defence Minister Peter MacKay told the defence industry elite on Wednesday.
As he reiterated the Conservative government’s ambitious spending plans for new military hardware — planes, ships and armoured vehicles […]

Canada to be asked for more troops in Afghanistan

By Mike Blanchfield, Canwest News Service, May 25, 2009
Canada and its allies are expected to face renewed pressure from the Obama administration, keen to show progress in Afghanistan, to maintain or add additional troops to the NATO-led military mission, Canwest News Service has learned.
The call by Washington for additional military resources would be part of […]