Labour for Palestine in Winnipeg

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Group Aims to Raise Awareness About Palestine in the Labour Movement

by Candice Bodnaruk

I recently started attending Labour 4 Palestine meetings at the Union Centre in Winnipeg.

Labour for Palestine (L4P) is a part of a growing international solidarity movement guided by the just demands of Palestinian labour, civil society and political organizations.

Essentially, L4P is intended to be a place for doing work in labour and within the community. The organization consists of both unionized and non-unionized workers.

L4P is made up of a network for labour activists from across Canada and has chapters in cities across the country.  Labour 4 Palestine  stands in solidarity with Palestinian workers and people. Moreover, the organization understands the essential role unions can play in support Justice for Palestinians, as they did in the struggle for justice in South Africa. L4P also recognizes the important role unions have played in supporting Justice for Palestine.

The organization’s goals include to raise awareness with the labour movement about the plight of the Palestinian people and workers as well as to support Palestinian labour unions and workers. The Labour for Palestine movement also strives to expose Canada’s complicity with Israel’s violations of international law and to educate union members about the history of the Palestinian liberation struggle.

Labour for Palestine also supports BDS and members are encouraged to work together on a variety of campaigns to advocate for Palestine Solidarity. Other work the organization is doing includes networking with labour unions, outreach and education, for example, on talking to employers in workplaces about allowing workers to advocate for Palestine. L4P recently ran a webinar on about how workers can address push back to Palestinian solidarity activism in their workplaces.

In Winnipeg L4P is working on a number of major issues, including Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS),  lobbying government around Palestine, and encouraging all Canadian unions to support Palestinian Solidarity. The group also strives to educate union members about the history of the Palestinian Liberation struggle.

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