Project Fly-Home steps up its campaign against the UN No-Fly List

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The UN’s “no-fly list,” also known as the “1267 List” was created in 1999, under the authority of UN Security Council 1267 to sanction people suspected of having links to terrorism. Suspicion is enough; no criminal convictions are required. Those named to the list are subject to an arms embargo, an asset freeze and a travel ban.Any member of the Security Council can place a name on the list; a consensus of Security Council members is required remove a name.

Abousfian Abdelrazik is the only Canadian on the list. Even though he has been cleared by the RCMP and CSIS of any connection to terrorism in 2007, a request to have his name removed from the list was refused by the Security Council; no reasons for the refusal were provided.

Project Fly Home has been campaigning on Mr. Abdelrazik’s behalf for several years. Most recently, noting the absence of support for Abdelrazik’s human rights from all MPs, Project Fly Home has launched the 1267-Collaborator’s list. In a recent email, they explain:

Project Fly Home is launching the 1267-COLLABORATORS’ LIST to show its disgust for conservative policies and to put pressure on Parliamentarians to take a clear position against the 1267 blacklisting regime. The 1267-COLLABORATORS’ LIST draws inspiration from the UN Security Council 1267 list; a truly inspiring regime of Kafka-esque justice and Orwellian meaning.

All members of Parliament, all four major political parties, as well as CSIS and the RCMP, are hereby added to the 1267-COLLABORATORS’ LIST because of their cowardly failure to take a public position against the list, their failure to take any action to revoke the legislation implementing this regime in Canada, and/or their active support for the regime.

Although numerous expert studies have shown the arbitrary nature of the 1267 Regime and the fact that it has disastrous impacts on the lives of listed individuals, the major political parties have refused to lift a finger to act in the almost two years since Abdelrazik has been back in Canada.

More information is available on the Project Fly Home web site.

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