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Don’t attack Iraq

On Saturday, Oct. 25th, Peace Alliance Winnipeg held an information picket at the intersection of Osborne Street and River Avenue to call for an end to Canada’s bombing mission in Iraq and Syria. In doing so, PAW was joining with…

The “new JNF”

Activists from Independent Jewish Voices Canada staged some street theatre outside the annual Negev Gala, held May 27th at the Winnipeg Concert Hall to raise money for the Jewish National Fund. IJV is highly critical of the JNF because of…

Video: Winnipeg Peace in Syria Rally

uvs130908-009Sept. 7, 2013: For the second time in a week, Winnipeggers rallied in solidarity with the people of Syria and in opposition to a US led attack.

After a brief gathering on the steps of the Manitoba Legislature, the demonstrators took to the streets to hand out literature and talk with their fellow Winnipeggers.