No New Fighter Jets Campaign Update

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by Pitasanna Shanmugathas

On behalf of the organizers of the Parliamentary petition calling for no new fighter jets, I would like to thank everyone who signed the petition and spread the word about the petition using their respective social media networks.

I would also like to acknowledge Laine, VOW’s peace campaigner, who made great graphics promoting on social media the Parliamentary petition and our opposition to the government’s plan to purchase new fighter jets.   Here is a link to some of those  social media posts: LINK 1, LINK 2, LINK 3.

In addition, several notable individuals voiced support for our campaign on No New Fighter Jets such as Noam Chomsky,  former NDP Deputy leader Libby Davies, and former Green Party leadership candidate Dimitri Lascaris. Here are links to those social media posts which you can retweet: TWEET 1, TWEET 2, TWEET 3.   

As a result of everyone’s involvement in signing and spreading the word on the Parliamentary petition, I am proud to announce that the Parliamentary petition received 1,139 signatures within just 30 days and will be introduced in the House by MP Paul Manly.

Paul Manly’s office has told us that MP Manly plans on presenting the petition in the House today at around 3:15pm EST, alternatively in the event of last-minute changes, his office has told us that MP Manly will either present the petition on Tuesday or Wednesday. The office will also provide us with the video link of MP Manly presenting the petition in Parliament which we plan to share on our social media networks.

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