Wikileaks documents show US Iraq War resisters were right

Canadians renew call for Harper and Kenney to let Iraq War resisters stay
By War Resisters Support Campaign, Oct. 23, 2010
TORONTO, Oct. 23 /CNW/ – Newly released US Military documents from Wikileaks, detailing widespread civilians deaths in Iraq, provide unequivocal proof that Iraq War resisters did the right thing. The government of Canada should […]

Iraq war logs: secret files show how US ignored torture

Insurgent suspects are led away by US forces. Some of those held in Iraqi custody suffered appalling abuse, the war logs reveal. Photograph: Sean Smith for the Guardian
By Nick Davies, Jonathan Steele and David Leigh, The Guardian, Oct. 22, 2010
A grim picture of the US and Britain’s legacy in Iraq has been […]

Malalai Joya: “this war is a disaster”

Joya rejects the NATO coalition, Harper and the excuses for war

By Malalai Joya,, October 18, 2010
In the United States, many looked to the ballot box and hoped for real change when Barack Obama was elected President in 2008.
To be honest, I never expected that he would be any different for Afghanistan than President George […]

George Galloway to speak in Winnipeg

[ November 26, 2010; 7:30 pm; ] George Galloway, the outspoken peace and human rights advocate (and former British MP who was barred from Canada by Immigration Minister Jason Kenney), will be speaking in Winnipeg.

Peace Alliance Winnipeg is honoured to host this champion of free speech, peace and human rights.

Date: Friday, November 26, 2010

Time: 7:30 p.m. (Doors open at 7:00 p.m.)

Location: Broadway […]