March 17 — Cross Canada Day of Action

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On March 17 the Peace Alliance Winnipeg held a very successful action which drew about 250 people to a demonstration followed by a panel discussion. The focus of the demonstration and panel discussion was the war in Iraq and Canada’s growing war in Afghanistan.

The demonstration drew a large number of high school students. Student groups from Kelvin, Maples and River East Collegiates participated. For some of them it was their first demonstration. Each group brought their particular concerns — from the illegal detentions in Guantanamo — to the growing pressure of military recruitment in the high schools.

March 17 capped a week of activities which included a screening of the documentary “Why We Fight” an insight into the politics that drive U.S. foreign policy and a debate on the question: “Afghanistan: Is this Canada’s War”. The debate featured Professor Henry Heller arguing the case against the war; and Dr. James Fergusson from the Centre for Defence and Security Studies who supports the Canadian military action in Afghanistan. About 100 people attended these two events.

In addition to the Peace Alliance actions there was the Anti-War Fest organized by the Student Christian Movement, the War Resistors Support Campaign and Mondragon Bookstore on March 9th and 10th. Those events focused on the need to develop support for U.S. war resistors who are coming to Canada and seeking refugee status. Members of the Peace Alliance Winnipeg accepted invitations to participate in the events

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