Salute U.S. war resisters in Canada: support Bill C-440

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by WarResistersCanada, March 19, 2010

Vietnam Veteran Ron Kovic salutes U.S. Iraq War resisters in Canada on 7th Anniversary of invasion.

Support Bill C-440

ON SEPTEMBER 17, 2009 MP Gerard Kennedy (L – Parkdale-High Park) introduced Bill C-440, An Act to amend the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (war resisters). The bill was seconded by MP Bill Siksay (NDP – Burnaby-Douglas). If passed, this bill will allow US Iraq War resisters to apply for permanent resident status in Canada. Despite the minority Conservative government’s decision to prorogue Parliament until March 3rd, 2010, this Bill will still go forward once Parliament is reconvened.

Bill C-440 follows on two concurrence motions passed in the House of Commons calling on the government to cease deportation proceedings against war resisters. It reflects the fact that the majority of Canadians do not want soldiers who reject participation in the illegal and immoral Iraq war to be sent back to face punishment.

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