Palestinian postal works union rejects Trump’s “Deal of the Century”

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by the Palestinian Postal Services Workers Union

Ramallah – the Palestinian Postal Services Workers Union has issued a statement regarding the so-called “deal of the century” announced by us President Donald trump. PPSWU stressed that this deal will only protect illegal settlements in the occupied territories and entrench the injustice that has been imposed on the Palestinian people since 1948.

The union statement confirmed its absolute rejection of this plan, which it considers to be a continuation of the violation of the rights of the Palestinian people. Rather than being a plan for peace, the deal of the century attempts to legalize the theft of Palestine and the denial of Palestinian basic human, civil, political and national rights. Furthermore, this plan consecrates the Israeli apartheid regime in historic Palestine.

The union called on the Arab working class and the world to reject this deal and support the Palestinian people by endorsing the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement (BDS) against Israel, until the latter abides by international law.

The union considered everything that is part of this deal to be for the purpose of entrenching the illegal Israeli occupation over Palestinian territories. This is done through an acceptance and normalization of “facts” imposed by force on the ground over the years, in clear violation of international law and the historical rights of the Palestinian people as asserted by numerous United Nations resolutions calling for an end to the illegal occupation and asserting the right of Palestinian people to national self-determination.

The union affirmed its full support for increasing the pressure of the international solidarity movement with the rights of the Palestinian people. PPSWU will exert its efforts to clarify and expose the true intent behind this so-called peace plan, with our labor union partners across the world. We call on them to continue their support for the campaign to boycott Israel, as it is more critical at this juncture.

Together, we can build a global solidarity movement to defeat this deal as a critical step towards a free p Palestine with Jerusalem as its eternal capital.

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