GAZA: Community Solidarity Manitoba calls for ceasefire and more

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Community Solidarity Manitoba Statement On the Violence in Israel-Palestine and the Need for Local Governments and Communities to Promote Peace

(November 1st, 2023) Community Solidarity Manitoba was created to overcome the politics of division and build solidarity on crucial issues of social justice. Our local community includes people affected and in pain in the Jewish, Palestinian, and Muslim communities, and many others affected by colonialism, occupation, and war.

We unequivocally condemn all violence perpetrated against civilians.

We call for an immediate ceasefire of all hostilities in Israel-Palestine.
We call for an end to the blockade of Gaza and for the restoration of humanitarian aid and access to the basic necessities of life.
We call for the safe and immediate return of all hostages and civilians being held in detention without charge.
We call on all levels of Canadian governments and society to work towards a just peace, ensure the safety and security of communities here in Canada, and actively work against Islamophobia, antisemitism, anti-Palestinian racism, and hate.

As international observers, including the Human Rights Council of the United Nations, continue to sound the alarm regarding the risk of a genocide against the Palestinian people, we reject the portrayal of Israel and Palestine as equal participants in this catastrophe, which is the product of one of the longest military occupations in modern history. Canada’s military support for Israel creates an additional responsibility to the current situation, and we call for an end to Canada’s arms sales to Israel.  The precondition for peace is for Israel to end the occupation and respect international law.

We are firmly opposed to any retribution against Palestinians, anti-war activists, workers, students, politicians, and others who voice their support of the Palestinian people at this time. Canada is a country that should support, without fear of retribution, the free expression of diverse views that do not contravene our hate speech legislation.

We call on the Government of Manitoba to recognize these calls and for the Government of Canada to uphold international law.

The following members of Community Solidarity Manitoba have signed on to this statement to date.

Canadian Federation of Students Manitoba
Communities Not Cuts
CUPE Local 2348
Independent Jewish Voices Winnipeg
Peace Alliance Winnipeg
Mennonite Central Committee Manitoba
Migrante Manitoba
MB Northern Ontario Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
Social Planning Council of Winnipeg
Winnipeg Police Cause Harm
Women’s March Winnipeg

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