Support the workers, peasants and indigenous peoples of Latin America! Oppose the Coup in Bolivia!

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Nov. 16, 2019: Winnipeggers rallied at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights to show support for the peoples of Chile, Venezuela and Bolivia as they face right-wing threats. Photo: Paul S. Graham

by Peace Alliance Winnipeg

Latin America is in the grips of a struggle which has pitted its people against the forces of neoliberalism and reaction. Canada has stood squarely on the side of forces which are trying to return Latin America, its people and resources, to the time when right wing governments ensured the continent was open to exploitation.

The people of Bolivia have risen up against the coup that forced Evo Morales from power and installed a fascist government whose aim of “new” elections is to install political forces to crush the gains made by the Bolivian people under Morales.

After decades of neoliberalism plunder and exploitation the people of Chile have risen up and said, “No More!”

The people of Venezuela continue to battle the attempts to topple their revolution through crippling economic sanctions, an “opposition” financed by U.S dollars and theft of Venezuelan assets and direct foreign interference.

The people of Haiti have also revolted against the corrupt government of President Jovenel Moise and decades of plunder that has left Haiti as one of the poorest countries.

Where is Canada in all this? The Canadian government stands against the workers, peasants and indigenous people of Latin America. It does its own dirty work and, when called upon, that of the U.S. to undermine the struggle for self- determination and independence against the exploitation of the Canadian, U.S. and European monopolies that covet the continent’s natural resources.

The Canadian government supports the coup in Bolivia and has tried to topple the Maduro government in Venezuela. It does so in full recognition that it also raises its hand against the indigenous peoples of those countries.

The Canadian government says it values the rule of law. The spurious claim of electoral irregularities in Bolivia is absolutely no justification for Canada supporting a completely unconstitutional and illegal coup, and for the violent suppression of those who express opposition to it.

We call on the Canadian government to immediately withdraw all support from the instigators of the Bolivian coup, to call on the armed forces to return to barracks, for the president to be allowed to return in peace and without threat to his person to the country, and for Bolivia’s own constitutional processes to be allowed to take their course free from external interference, as is guaranteed by the United Nations Charter of which Canada is a signatory and thereby obliged to respect.

In terms of Latin America, Canada must renounce its policy of interference. This policy is most dramatically represented in its leadership of the Lima group to attack through sanctions and political interference the government and people of Venezuela. The policy of interference is also demonstrated through its support and assistance for right wing forces whether they are in power as in Brazil, Haiti and elsewhere or in “opposition” as in Venezuela.

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