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Mali: The world’s most dangerous U.N. mission

Gao, Mail- UN Peacekeepers from Senegal on an early morning patrol in Gao, Mali on Sunday, January 15, 2017. Despite the end of the occupation, many Malians find that security is still a major issue speaking of incidents of car jacking and looting. Even though crime is high, most of the deadly attacks that occur […]

France in Mali ‘for the long haul’

By Roger Annis, rabble.ca, Feb. 5, 2013
“France is in Mali for the long haul.” That’s the headline in today’s France daily Le Monde. The newspaper’s front page, as well as pages 2 and 3, are devoted to a discussion over ‘what next’ for France and the world in Mali.
The views of the newspaper’s editors are […]

Stop the war on Mali

By the Canadian Peace Alliance
Jan. 15, 2013
The Government of Canada has recently announced that it is sending a CF-17 transport plane to northern Mali to add to the military buildup by the NATO powers in the area. The Canadian Peace Alliance is calling on the government to recall the plane and to […]

Canada to deepen role in Mali

Minister of Defence Peter MacKay shakes hands with Canadian forces members of Squadron 429 at CFB Trenton, on Tuesday Jan. 15, 2013. Canada is sending the C-17 Globemaster to help France with the conflict in Mali. (Lars Hagberg /THE CANADIAN PRESS)
By Campbell Clark, The Globe and Mail
The Canadian government will extend the tour of the […]

Imperialist powers escalate war in Mali

By Ernst Wolff, Global Research
Amid continuing offensives by French troops in Mali, the imperialist powers are making clear that the assault on Mali is part of a lasting, neo-colonial escalation of military intervention throughout Western Africa and beyond.
“This is a global threat and it will require a global response… that is about years, even decades, […]

Foreign military intervention wrong response to Mali crisis

By Gerry Caplan, rabble.ca
France is knocking on Canada’s door seeking assistance for its intervention in Mali, and Canada’s door seems to be open a crack. Besides providing the French military, a military transport plane, at least temporarily, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird says Canada wants to offer both humanitarian aid and “support for the restoration […]