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Winnipeggers rally for Egyptian democracy

About 300 Winnipeggers rallied Saturday afternoon at the Manitoba Legislature, chanting “Free Egypt Now” and “Step Down Mubarak.” In addition to Winnipeg, Canadians rallied in Edmonton, Kingston, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver and Windsor. Here is video of the Winnipeg event.

Winnipeg Protest for Egypt

Location: Manitoba Legislature, Winnipeg Sponsors: Winnipeg Protest for Egypt, Talibet-Knowledge Muslima Show your support for the struggle of the Egyptian people for democracy. Bring your own placards, flags of Egypt, etc.

Egypt: And then everything changed…

By Murray Dobbin, rabble.ca, Jan. 31, 2011 The photographs are as stunning as they are inspiring. The world is now totally focused on the democratic rebellion in Egypt. President Hosni Mubarak, the dictator who Israel relies on for its current…