Winning the war on war

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by the Canadian Peace Alliance

dont-attack-syriaThe peace movement around the world is having a huge impact. The war on Syria is, at present, postponed and the possibility that a military strike can be averted is very real.

The speech by Barack Obama was an indication that he is losing support for this potentially disastrous war. It is unprecedented that a US president would have to back down on a call for military action because he can’t secure enough support from congress.

But there are many hurdles yet to come. The UN security council resolution calling for the Syrian government to hand over all chemical weapons is still fraught with potential barriers. Many western countries are pushing for a resolution that would be nearly impossible for the Syrian government to comply with and the US wants to keep the option of military strikes on the table in the event of non-compliance.

The government of Stephen Harper is also being pressured to join in the fiasco. We need to remain vigilant and keep the pressure on so we can put an end to the drive to war.

September 21 is the International Day of Peace. The Canadian Peace Alliance is calling on all our member groups and supporters to organize events on that day calling for an end to the possibility of a military strike on Syria.

We need to insist that the government of Canada listen to the majority who do not want to see an attack. Join us for demonstrations throughout Canada on the weekend of the 21st of September. Join us for demonstrations throughout Canada on the weekend of the 21st of September.

All events will be posted on the Canadian Peace Alliance website.

FAQ on Syria

Download the new Canadian Peace Alliance FAQ on Syria (pdf)

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