Journalism Under Fire Protest Rally

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Location: 374 Main St., Selkirk, Manitoba (In front of James Bezan’s Constituency Office)

If you care about freedom of the press and you believe that politicians should not be able to influence who writes what, join us in front of the office of MP James Bezan. More information.

Manitoba reporter fired from her job for “biased” reporting on federal politics speaks out

On a rainy afternoon in October, Jill Winzoski, a 38 year old reporter at The Selkirk Record, walked into her boss’ small office and took a deep breath. That morning, Winzoski’s editor had told her over the phone that she’d received an email from a Member of Parliament with harsh words about Winzoski’s “biased” reporting. James Bezan, the Conservative MP for Selkirk-Interlake, included as proof part of an email petition about a China-Canada investment treaty Winzoski had sent him the day before.

Her editor said that Brett Mitchell—one of the owners of the The Selkirk Record, and Winzoski’s boss—had gotten the email as well.

Mitchell told Winzoski that she would no longer be employed at The Record. He cited her email petition to Bezan’s office.

Winzoski was confused. Was she was getting fired for expressing her views as a private citizen to Bezan?

Mitchell denied that it was her signing the petition.

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