West End Rally for Social Services and Against Crime Bill C-10

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Location: West End Library at Sargent Park, 999 Sargent Avenue,Winnipeg, MB

Nov. 8, 2011: Some of the 300 people who demonstrated in front of the Winnipeg Remand Centre in opposition to the Conservative Government's Omnibus Crime Bill, C-10. Photo: Paul Graham

The Governments of Stephen Harper and Greg Selinger are both supporting a regressive agenda on crime in an era of economic uncertainty.

Global criminal justice experts from Texas to Europe have decried the mandatory minimum sentence packages of Bill C-10.

The federal government and the province of Manitoba need to reverse their support for an agenda that does not support the growth of a healthy community.

Instead they need to fund social services and community renewal programs such as:
– More libraries
– More sports programs
– More Indigenous cultural reclamation programs
– Guaranteed Material Income for all people to bottom-line Welfare and Disability
– Free Day Care Centres for all!
– Free Dental Care
– Primary use of restorative and transformative justice in Manitobas criminal justice system
– The Police, BIZ, and Cadets be overseen by a democratically elected and accountable police commission

Our coalition against Bill C-10 is calling on everyone to show resistance to the law and order agenda, and instead show our full support for programs and policy that promotes healthy and safe families and vibrant communities that support each other.

Jails promote cultures of violence and are strongholds of gang activity. They isolate people from those they love, both inside and outside. We need alternative solutions that promote justice and peace in our community.

Join us for a rally and speakers along with some music.
Occupy Winnipeg

Music by Anarchist Rapper “Young Jibwe”


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