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Location: CWB headquarters, 423 Main St. (at McDermot)

Coalition to rally in support of Wheat Board, respect of farmer and Canadian democracy

“My Canada includes the Wheat Board”

An ad hoc coalition of Canadian sovereignty, labour, farm and other groups will rally in support of the Canadian Wheat Board. More than 60 per cent of voters in the last election backed CWB-friendly political parties (not counting the 39.6% who may have believed Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz’ widely-reported promise to respect a farmers’ vote on the Wheat Board made days before the Spring election campaign).

The rally will be held:

Tuesday, November 15
from 11:45 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
at Canadian Wheat Board building
423 Main St. (at McDermot)

The groups are holding the rally to show that “Canadians Stand with the Wheat Board,” to demand Parliament respect the democratic vote of farmers who support the CWB’s single desk mandate, and to demand public hearings on the CWB, which cannot operate under the proposed legislation.

The rally is being organized to coincide with similar activities in other cities.

The coalition is urging:
– Groups to bring banners or flags
– Large, representative groups to offer a speaker
– People to bring signs of support*
– People and groups to contact/ write their MP to demand
– public hearings on the Wheat Board
– respect the farmer vote to keep the CWB

The ad hoc Coalition working in support of the rally is initiated by the Council of Canadians Winnipeg Chapter. We will make efforts to announce more group names on Monday, since this is being organized on the weekend.

For more information, phone the ad hoc coalition at (204) 797-6388 or 792-3371.

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