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By Sophie Lamarche Harkat

Please sign the statement against Secret Trials in Canada (Security Certificates) at www.harkatstatement.com. Security certificates allow for the detention of refugees and immigrants without charge or access to the evidence. My husband Mohamed Harkat – Moe to his friends – is one of those men.

Mohamed Harkat

As many of you may know, Moe lost in court on Dec. 9th, 2010 (one day before the 8th anniversary of his arrest); his certificate was upheld. That is, the court ruled that there were reasonable grounds to believe that he could have been in the past or could be in the present or future associated with terrorism. The decision was based on the lowest standard of proof in any Canadian court proceeding, and was apparently based solely on secret information. The secret information was never released to Moe or his legal team; he has been in the dark ever since his arrest.

Now, Moe faces deportation to Algeria where he faces imprisonment, torture or death because of the allegations. It’s very clear that refugees like Moe are not welcome in Canada under Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government. Moe received a letter from the Canadian Border Services Agency in January 2011, warning him of his pending deportation. We are currently waiting to hear from the Minister’s delegate who will make his final recommendations on whether the risk to Moe outweighs the risk he supposedly poses to Canada.

That’s where you come in! We REALLY need your support once more. We hope to double or triple our numbers of signatures on our statement before the decision comes down in the coming weeks. Time is of the essence.

3700 individuals (many high profile, unions and groups) have already endorsed. View at www.harkatstatement.com

Let’s take a strong stand against Secret Trials in Canada (Security Certificates)!

How you can help:


1. First, pass on this email to all of your online contacts – email, facebook, twitter, etc. But, please don’t stop there!

2. If you are unionized, and have not done so already, please print out www.harkatstatement.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Statement-Against-Sec-Certificates-2011.doc AND take our statement to your union’s executive meeting, general meeting, committee meetings, etc. and ask individual members to endorse. Please also ask your union to pass a motion endorsing! If you are part of a local, please ask your local to endorse. Ask other brothers and sisters to endorse.

3. If you are active in a community group or organization or a religious group or a mosque or church, please print out www.harkatstatement.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Statement-Against-Sec-Certificates-2011.doc AND take our statement to a meeting or gathering and ask people to sign on. Please also ask your group or organization to endorse the statement online at www.harkatstatement.com

4. After you have done all of that, please send us the pages at:
The Justice for Mohamed Harkat Committee
14 Perkins Street
Ottawa, ON,  K1R 7G5

5. Lastly, please support our work. Help with our campaign, support our legal and political research, consider making a small donation to support travel and other related expenses.  Donations are always needed.

Please send your cheque or donation to:
The Justice for Mohamed Harkat Committee
14 Perkins Street
Ottawa, ON,  K1R 7G5

Your support is crucial ! Please help any way you can.

Thanks for your continued support and time.


Sophie Harkat is the wife of Mohamed Harkat, Security Certificate Detainee since December 10th, 2002.

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