Winnipeg Rally for the Canadian Boat to Gaza

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Location: Corner of River Avenue and Osborne Street, Winnipeg


  • Independent Jewish Voices (Winnipeg)
  • Canada Palestine Support Network (Winnipeg)
  • Peace Alliance Winnipeg


The Canadian Boat to Gaza, The Tahrir, is being prevented by Greek authorities from leaving its port in Greece.  The US Boat to Gaza, The Audacity of Hope, set sail for Gaza today from a port in Greece but was quickly stopped and boarded by the Greek Navy authorities

It is imperative that we mobilize in order to ensure that The Tahrir, and then the rest of the Flotilla, is allowed to sail. The Flotilla and the people of Gaza need us to get the boats free. The boats have past their inspections. There is no legal reason for Greece to stop the boats.

We are calling on supporters to hold public demonstrations and to contact Greek, Israeli and Canadian government representatives. We urge that Greece not become complicit in the illegal actions of Israel.  More . . .

Need a placard?

Click here. Download, print and mount on a piece of cardboard.

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