Medical Care Appeal for Joshua Key

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Jan. 17, 2011: Joshua Key addresses a group in Winnipeg during Let Them Stay Week, a national campaign to allow American war resisters to remain in Canada. Photo: Paul S. Graham

By Cheryl-Anne Carr, Keep Resisters in Canada Campaign

I am writing to ask for a one-time contribution for the urgent medical needs of Joshua Key, a veteran of the Iraq war seeking refugee status in Canada. He lives in Saskatchewan with his family. As supporters of his right to stay in Canada, we are learning more about our refugee system as we go along.

The government does not cover medical expenses to refugees that medicare would cover for any regular Canadian.

Joshua’s injury and suffering have caused us to issue this one-time appeal for your help for this particular problem.

We are asking that all people of good will donate by the “chip-in” program, found at:

Your funds will be deposited into our campaign account and be made available for Joshua’s prescriptions and treatment, which offer hope for a complete recovery.

Our goal and need is to raise $2,500 in by February 13. You will need a credit or debit card to participate by chip-in. You may also make a cheque to our campaign and mail it to the address, above, marked “medical.”

If you need further information, you may contact the campaign directly – email ( or phone (204-792-3371).

About the Keep Resisters in Canada Campaign

Our campaign provides support for war resisters living in the Canadian prairie provinces and works for their right to stay in Canada. For example, last week we travelled to Steinbach, Manitoba where we delivered a letter asking to meet with the Hon. Vic Toews, M.P. and any other Conservative M.P.s in the province to learn more about their views.

We are opposed to the Conservative government’s policy of deporting U.S. war resisters, which we see as a form of direct support for the unjust and bloody occupation of Iraq.

We would be happy to provide more information about our prairies campaign if you have questions or would like to join. A good resource for more information about war resisters in Canada is the War Resisters Support Campaign which has its office in Toronto. The website for the group is

Keep Resisters in Canada Campaign
269 Kitson St., Winnipeg MB R2H 0Z6 – (204) 792-3371

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