Global Day of Listening to Afghans

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Inspired by the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers and Afghans For Peace this GLOBAL DAY of LISTENING will allow everyone to listen to the stories told by the Afghan People of what it is like to live now in Afghanistan.  Anyone interested in talking with those gathered in Kabul and Bamiyan may now request a time to speak during this Day of Listening.  You may listen at any time via conference call-in or Skype!  Reference the Details Page and request a time to speak through email.

The Purpose of the day-long teleconference is for LISTENING:

1. To the PEOPLE : to ordinary Afghans, to ordinary internationals, including others from war-torn countries, and to world public opinion.

2. To the PAIN (anger, grief, disappointment) of the people :

– the world public whose opinion is swinging against the Afghan War

– read the Open Letter to our World Leaders,

– and We Want You Out – you may sign the petition here.

– the pro-war people who have their concerns, with the understanding that most Afghans are now anti-war.

3. To The People’s Afghanistan December Review

The Afghan people know the expected military outcome of the Obama administration’s Afghanistan December Review.  Afghans want those willing to LISTEN to hear the Afghan People’s Review.



2 comments for “Global Day of Listening to Afghans

  1. December 19, 2010 at 9:03 pm

    Thank you for posting! Yesterday during the Global Day of Listening to Afghans we officially released our first PSA video from Afghans For Peace. Please feel free to share widely.

  2. aesop
    December 22, 2010 at 4:48 pm

    @Video Propaganda

    Of course one cannot speak badly about motherhood and apple pie, but what if this is NOT a spontaneous outpouring of ‘enough is enough’?
    What if it were arranged, funded and orchestrated by a known anti-west group?

    Paraphrasing: After the Russians, the civil war, then the US. No mention of the Taliban. Why?
    Where are the condemnations of the Taliban?

    Remember the Orwellian face of the Taliban: No music, singing, dancing playing or sport; instead, go to the football stadium for entertainment and watch women shot by men, or half buried and stoned to death.
    No education for women, ergo: no women’s schools. When ISAF built girl’s schools, the Taliban mortared them or blew them up, terrorized or shot the teachers, and threw acid in schoolgirls faces.
    No leaving the house without a male member, and then swathed in a burka.
    If you were caught by the ‘religious enforcers’ you were savagely beaten.
    In the west, such an attack would get you five years in gaol. Should we say, “That a matter of cultural choice.”, or is the left’s, especially ‘feminists’ silence, an example of the soft bigotry of low expectations?)
    No jobs, except servicing the male members of the family. Pre-Taliban they could be doctors or engineers.

    “Today, the US is shaking hands with the Taliban.”
    Who, when, where? Trying to persuade their mercenaries to quit?

    Everyone in this sweet production, and everyone reading this KNOWS that ISAF does NOT want to kill every last Afghan, not even every Talib, not even every non-Afghan mercenary Talib.
    There is no ‘mens rea’ in ISAF; no orders to go and kill civilians; instead there are strict ROE which hurt or even kill ISAF members.
    If a Talib fires an RPG at ISAF troops from a compound where there are unseen civilians present, ISAF will be blamed for any civilian deaths; the moreso if the Talib slips away before fire is returned. And who knows if the ‘civilians’ were helping, e.g. by storing the RPG? It worked for the IRA.

    What the west wants is a stable, fair, non-corrupt government, which governs for the good of the majority Afghan people, WOMEN as well as men, (not for warlords), which will allow their economy to flourish, and their health and wellbeing to improve year by year.

    If the Taliban declared a ceasefire and talked with ISAF/Karzai about disbanding themselves in favour of a true democracy, with NO NEED for ISAF, no intimidation, I think that would fly.
    But since they think they are winning, why talk?

    One child spoke of flying kites.
    Try that with the Taliban.

    Ultimately this propaganda effort is far worse than useless, because it is crass hypocrisy, and brings condemnation not only to this group and this example, but to anyone else who would try something similar in future.

    If you had 10 groups each averaging 10,000 children demonstrating against the Taliban/ISAF/Karzai, and demanding peace/democracy/education instead, you might have something to blog about.

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