Peace delegation to Iran says: Stop U.S. war plans

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By John Parker, International Action Center, Oct 24, 2010

A people-to-people delegation that included two members of the International Action Center arrived in Tehran, Iran, Oct. 9 to increase solidarity with the people of Iran, defend Iran’s sovereignty and stop the accelerated U.S. push for war against Iran.

An independent, Iranian nongovernmental organization made up of the largest student organizations in Iran had invited these delegates. This NGO aims to build anti-imperialist solidarity with Latin American countries. It is aptly named House of Latin America or HOLA, which is Spanish for “hello.” Some of HOLA’s activities have been to organize solidarity trips to Nicaragua and Venezuela and hosting a visit to Iran by the Young Communist League of Cuba. It has also set up the organization Solidarity with Iran or SI, which is promoting an appeal.

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