For a federal Department of Peace

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Bill Siksay, MP (Burnaby-Douglas) will be the keynote speaker at Winnipeg’s annual Lanterns for Peace Ceremony. His topic: a private members Bill (C-447) which calles for the establishment of a federal Deaprtment of Peace.

This bill passed First Reading in the House of Commons, Sept. 30, 2009, moved by Bill Siksay (NDP, Burnaby-Douglas) and seconded by Jim Karygiannis (Liberal, Scarborough-Agincourt ).

You can read the full Bill in English and French, here: Bill C-447

The mandate envisioned for the Minister of Peace is to reinvigorate Canada’s role as a peacekeeper and peacebuilder as follows:

  1. Develop early detection and rapid response processes to deal with emerging conflicts and establish systemic responses to post-conflict demobilization, reconciliation and reconstruction
  2. Lead internationally to abolish nuclear, biological, chemical weapons, to reduce conventional weapon arsenals and to ban the weaponization of space
  3. Implement the UN Declaration and Programme of Action on a Culture of Peace (1999) to safeguard human rights and enhance the security of persons and their communities
  4. Implement UN Resolution 1325 on the key role played by women in the wide spectrum of peacebuilding work
  5. Establish a Civilian Peace Service that, with other training organizations, will recruit, train and accredit peace professionals and volunteers to work at home and abroad, as an alternative to armed intervention.
  6. Address issues of violence in Canada by promoting nonviolent approaches that encourage community involvement and responsibility such as Restorative Justice, Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  7. Support the development of peace education at all levels including post-secondary peace and conflict studies
  8. Promote the transition from a war-based to a peace-based economy.

More information of Bill C-447:

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