Why the Americans are losing the Afghan war

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Afghanistan: The Longest Lost War

By James Petras, Canadian Dimension, June 17, 2010


Despite almost a decade of warfare, including an invasion and occupation, the US military and its allies and client state armed forces are losing the war in Afghanistan. Outside of the central districts of a few cities and the military fortresses, the Afghan national resistance forces, in all of their complex local, regional and national alliances, are in control, of territory, people and administration.

The prolonged unending war has become a major drain on the morale of the US armed forces and undermined civilian support in the US, limiting the capacity of the White House to launch new imperial wars. The annual multi-billion dollar military expenditures, are exacerbating the out-of-control budget deficit and forcing harsh unpopular cuts on social programs, at all levels of government. There is no end in sight, as the Obama regime keeps increasing the number of troops by the tens of thousands and military expenditures by the dozens of billions but the resistance advances, both military and politically.

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1 comment for “Why the Americans are losing the Afghan war

  1. R N
    July 4, 2010 at 3:05 am

    This may seem a sad perspective in which to view the situation in Afghanistan, but while the Americans are bogged down there, they are leaving someone else alone.

    This so called Freedom Loving nation who, today, on July 4th are all hyped up on getting what they actually believe (helped by Hollywood historians) was deliverance from slavery (have the Canadians ever been ‘slaves?’ to anyone?), are always busy at trying to take other people’s freedoms away.

    America will lose for many reasons, and one of them being because it is no role model for others to follow. If it were, it would not have to fight them to get them to do it.

    The US has long been the United States of Hypocrisy.

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