C-11 threatens war resisters and other refugees from “safe countries”

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In for the long haul –
Five years after fleeing to Canada, American war resister Joshua Key is still fighting for refugee status

Marlo Campbell, Uptown Magazine Online, April 15, 2010

joshua-keyTwo dozen people gathered outside the Fort Garry Hotel last week to criticize the Conservative government’s proposed reforms to Canada’s refugee system — and one of them had more at stake than most.

Joshua Key is an American war resister seeking asylum in Canada after deserting from the U.S. army.

The noon-hour rally took place as Jason Kenney, Canada’s minister of citizenship, immigration and multiculturalism, spoke inside.

Participants were taking aim at Bill C-11, the Balanced Refugee Reform Act, introduced by Kenney on March 30. Some also spoke out out against the minister’s decision to exclude all references to gay rights from the recently revised Canadian citizenship study guide.

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