Malalai Joya packs the house in Winnipeg

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Malalai Joya speaking at Convocation Hall, Univeristy of Winnipeg, Nov. 16, 2009. Photo: Glenn Michalchuk

Malalai Joya spoke to a pack house of in Winnipeg last night at the University of Winnipeg. Three hundred people jammed into Convocation Hall to hear the Afghan MP’s passionate denunciation of the occupation of her country by NATO forces. Her contempt for the Taliban, the Karzai government and the warlords who back it was equally fierce.

We’ll post video of the event in the near future.

In the meantime, here is a short clip of from an interview recorded today in which Malalai calls upon Canadian military families to demand an end to Canadian military intervention in her country.

Malalai Joya Tour Update from the Canadian Peace Alliance

Malalai Joya spoke to packed halls in Victoria (300 people), Vancouver (1000) and Winnipeg (300) and is now on her way east for events in Toronto, York University, Halifax, and Montreal. The tour will culminate in Ottawa where she will address a forum of MP’s about why we need to end the war and bring the troops home.

Also, on November 25th at 2 pm Malalai will be making a special appearance to address the delegates at the Ontario Federation of Labour Convention in Toronto.

Look for Malalai on Canada AM Wednesday morning at 8:40 am and if you are in Toronto you can hear her at 2:30 on CFRB am 1010

Her book has also sold well at all events. You can order books online at the Simon and Schuster website.

Full tour schedule . . .

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