A boost for American war resisters in Canada

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Support Bill C-440: first steps

by laura k, we move to canada, Sept. 17, 2009

We have a bill!

Bill C-440, a bill in support of US Iraq War resisters, was introduced in the House of Commons today. MP Gerard Kennedy (Parkdale-High Park) introduced the bill, seconded by Bill Siksay (Burnaby-Douglas).

This is a private member’s bill, and for those of you who, like me, are new to the Canadian political system, private member’s bills don’t often become law. But some do, and this one might. And regardless of the ultimate outcome, Bill C-440 is a critical tool to help us advocate for basic Canadian values: welcoming good people of conscience who have refused to participate in an unjust war, and seek haven in this country.

Bill C-440 gives legal weight to the motion already passed twice in Parliament. Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Jason Kenney has refused to implement the will of Parliament and has continued to deport, and threaten to deport, war resisters, saying the motions are “non-binding”. Passing C-440 will force the minority Conservative government to respect the majority view – to respect democracy – and let war resisters stay.

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