Debating Doer’s support for Red Shirts and Yellow Ribbons

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In response to Peace Alliance Winnipeg’s Open Letter to Gary Doer on Afghanistan, CBC’s Radio Noon, just moments ago, interviewed PAW’s Chair, Glen Michalchuk after having interviewed an organizer of the Red Shirt Rally at the Manitoba Legislature, Mike Legace.

The CBC interviewer, Lori Hoogstraten, initially appeared to think that the Peace Alliance Winnipeg wants to ban pro-war rallies at the Manitoba Legislature. Glen Michalchuk clarified the matter on-air, but it is worth restating: Peace Alliance Winnipeg does not want to infringe anyone’s democratic rights. All should be free to demonstrate at the Manitoba Legislature. Peace Alliance Winnipeg objects to provincial government support for the war in Afghanistan and has asked Premier Doer to stop using provincial resources to promote his pro-war views.

Listen to the interviews.

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