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America’s Newest War Criminals

Threatening Iran
Our Gang of War Criminals
by Dave Lindorf, Counterpunch, March 1, 2012
If a bunch of street toughs decided to gang up and beat the crap out of some guy in the neighborhood because they feared he might be planning to buy a gun to protect his family, I think we’d all agree that the police […]

Arrest George Bush

On Thursday, George W. Bush and former U.S. president Bill Clinton (himself an accomplished war criminal) will be attending the Surrey Regional Economic Summit at the Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel. Here’s some information from the Canadian Peace Alliance on what you can do to support Bush’s arrest for war crimes.

» Report George W. Bush as […]

America’s war crimes

A boy weeps as others survey the damage caused by a US air strike on Fallujah in September 2004. Picture:AFP
The United States takes the matter of three-headed babies very seriously.
By William Blum, Anti-Empire Report, April 5, 2010
When did it begin, all this “We take your [call/problem/question] very seriously”? With answering-machine hell? As you wait endlessly, […]

Cold blooded murder in Kunduz, Afghanistan

by Paul S. Graham, April 18, 2009

Last month, I posted an Al Jazeera video shot in the aftermath of the March 22nd dawn raid on the town of Kunduz, Afghanistan, by troops believed to be U.S. Special Forces that left five Afghan men dead. The townspeople claimed the men were unconnected to the insurgency and […]

U.S. abuse of detainees was routine at Afghanistan bases

By Tom Lasseter | McClatchy Newspapers
June 16, 2008
KABUL, Afghanistan — American soldiers herded the detainees into holding pens of razor-sharp concertina wire, as if they were corralling livestock.
The guards kicked, kneed and punched many of the men until they collapsed in pain. U.S. troops shackled and dragged other detainees to small isolation rooms, then hung […]