War Resisters – Let Them Stay Week – Jan. 25-31, 2015

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let them stay weekBy Peace Alliance Winnipeg

This Sunday marks the beginning of Let Them Stay Week, a national campaign dedicated to securing the safety of American war resisters who have sought refuge in Canada. As the War Resisters Support Campaign notes in a recent post, “In the last four months of 2014, an alarming number of U.S. Iraq war resisters in Canada received negative decisions in their immigration cases. Several of them have received, or are about to receive, removal orders from Canada.”

The federal government has consistently ignored public opinion and two Parliamentary resolutions calling for sanctuary for American war resisters. Peace Alliance Winnipeg joins with the War Resisters Support Campaign in demanding an end to the deportations and that war resisters be permitted to remain in Canada.

The War Resisters Support Campaign is asking for our help. Please do everything you can.

Sunday Jan 25 – Profile Picture Day: Change your profile picture on Facebook in support of US war resisters, for the duration of Let Them Stay Week (Tip: you can use the graphic in story.)

Monday Jan 26 – Media Outreach Day: Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper

Tuesday Jan 27 – Email/phone Blitz: Call or email Minister of Immigration Chris Alexander (cc to party leaders, immigration critics, and your MP) – Click here to send your email.

Wednesday Jan 28 – Mail-in Letters Day: Write and mail a letter to the Minister of Immigration (Hon. Chris Alexander, Minister of Citizenship & Immigration, House of Commons, Ottawa, Ontario Canada, K1A 0A6)

Thurs Jan 29 – Social Media Day: Share, post, disseminate information on war resisters on social media

Friday Jan 30 – Community Outreach Day: Call your local MPs office to express your concern (Contact Information here: http://www.parl.gc.ca/Parliamentarians/en/members); circulate the US war resister petition; make a donation to the War Resisters defence fund; post a window-sign at your home, workplace or community organization

In Winnipeg, we have been supporting the struggle of war resister Joshua Key to remain in Canada. Please read the Joshua Key Fact Sheet for more information about Joshua and share it with your friends. You can also watch a video of Joshua speaking at McNally Robinson Bookstore in 2011.

Finally, please share this message with friends and family. The situation of war resisters in Canada is becoming increasingly dangerous. We must act now to defend their rights to refuse to participate in criminal wars.

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