Men’s Gathering & Unity Walk for Missing and Murdered Women

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Location: 339 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg

Native Rights Leaders and Social justice activists from the American Indian Movement (AIM) and Red Power United (RPU) are sending a call out for a show of solidarity by Native & Non-Native Men & Women in the roles of leadership including Youth Leaders, Student Group Leaders, Grassroots Leaders, Community Leaders and all other community members [young and elderly] from all backgrounds and walks of life to gather in unity to demand justice for the families of Missing & Murdered Women in (Winnipeg) on February 14th 2012.

The numbers of Missing & Murdered Women in Manitoba are on the rise and the lack action and or accountability by Law Enforcement, Government Officials & some First Nations Leadership is unacceptable.

Event schedule:

We will gather @ 3:30 pm outside the APTN building on the corner of Carlton & 339 Portage Avenue for a ceremony.

We then will walk to Indian and Northern Affairs Canada at 365 Hargrave where we will send a message to Aboriginal Affairs Minister John Duncan.

Then head to the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) located at 275 Portage Avenue where we will hear from First Nations Organizers & Activists who will voice their concerns to the Leadership of the AMC & (AFN).

We will then continue to make our way to the Law Courts located at 408 York Ave where we will hear from other invited guest speakers.

We will then continue our walk to and end (our event) at The Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, Memorial Blvd before 5:30pm.

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1 comment for “Men’s Gathering & Unity Walk for Missing and Murdered Women

  1. Chaz
    August 27, 2012 at 3:22 pm

    Its so sad and devastating to hear that these women are missing or murdered. Whats really a pity is that God created woman for man as a mate, yet how has man treated what was given in love, man has ill used, abused, killed, murdered and whatever other evil thing his Evil mind could think of. The one thing that should have been done, to honor and treat with love the gift he was given from the almighty, man has failed miserably to do. When you target one of the most vulnerable in society, you cease to be a man in every sense of the word, becoming no better than an animal. There is no doubt what happened to these missing women. Look within your souls for every man who reads this as the guilt and evil lies within the majority of your souls. Lost Souls! No place in heaven for you, but your day of accountability is not far away!

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