Occupy Winnipeg

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Location: Manitoba Legislative Building, Winnipeg

By now, everyone has heard of Occupy Wall Street, where thousands have gathered in the heart of New York’s financial district to peacefully protest economic and social injustice. OWS is being replicated in numerous other US cities. In Canada, the movement has spread to Toronto, where the Canadian Peace Alliance is inviting people to join the anti-war contingent under the banner of “Occupy Bay Street – Not Afghanistan” – and to Winnipeg.

The Winnipeg event will begin at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 15 at the Manitoba Legislature. There will be a march from the Leg to Portage and Main, beginning at 11:00.

Peace Alliance Winnipeg will be there because we want to send the message to Stephen Harper that we reject the growing militarization of Canadian society, the wars in Libya and Afghanistan, the addition of overseas military bases and the expenditure of billions of dollars to pay for “stealth fighters” that have only one use – wars of aggression –  while Canadian infrastructure and social programs crumble.

We invite you to join the Peace Alliance Winnipeg contingent — we will gather in front of Queen Victoria’s statue — look for the Peace Alliance Winnipeg banner.

Please bring your own placard, one that expresses your wish for a more peaceful, just world.

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