End Canada’s bombing of Libya!

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By the Canadian Peace Alliance

This September, the 3-month extension of Canada’s military role in Libya passed through Parliament will expire. When the NATO bombing of Libya began, Stephen Harper assured the public that the operation would drive Gaddafi from power in short order. The Libya operation has now dragged on for six months. NATO air strikes have killed civilians in Tripoli and other Libya cities, and even killed group of rebel troops on several occasions. The Globe and Mail reports that the Canadian military has carried out “6 per cent of the military sorties in the mission, including about 8 per cent of the attack strikes, and the lion’s share of the maritime surveillance patrols.”

A number of other NATO countries are pulling out of or drawing back from this failed intervention. The NDP, the Official Opposition in Ottawa, has announced they will not support another extension of the military mission. It’s time to send a message to all MPs that Canada should have no more to do with NATO’s war on Libya.

Send a message to your MP. A full list of members of Parliament is available here.

Be sure to include the party leaders:




For more information please see: http://www.acp-cpa.ca/en/Libyaextension.html

1 comment for “End Canada’s bombing of Libya!

  1. Jaliya Rasaputra
    October 30, 2011 at 2:35 pm

    I think it was disgusting that our Foreign minister should write Free Libya on a bomb that was to be dropped in Libya during his visit to a base in Italy

    He also was scrambling for concessions from Libya for big Canadian businesses even before all the war dead have been buried.

    Our PMs statement the fate of Gadaffi that this was to be expected was to be expected is nothing but the truth.

    After bombing his home to kill him in Tripoli (The NATO managed to kill his son that time)and bombing Sirte to kingdom come while the rebels were shelling it without any considration to the civilians trapped inside can hard be justified for protecting civilians.

    Sure Sirte civilians supported Gadaffi so the rebels wanted them dead and their work was made easier by NATO bombing

    AFP reports hundreds of graves of civilians killed directly by NATO bombing and execution by rebels were found in Sirte

    We must remember during the bombing NATO air force dropped leaflets to surrender (To whom? The Rebels?)over site. some listened to NATO warnings surrendered to rebels and were shot by the rebels

    Sure after arming the rebels, Telling The NATO has recognized the rebel Government, and Mrs Clinton saying Gadaffi must be killed or captured and being given an offer Gadaffi dead
    or alive is worth 10 million dollars and knowing the only consequence to brutalizing and killing Gadaffi will be considered a Hero of new Libya and to receive 10 million dollars sure this was expected

    I think world leaders who contributed to Gadaffis death include the leaders of China and Russia as well for being Gullible and not voting against the the UN resolution

    I wish our Prime minister can make a statement that during the entire NATO campaign NATO did not kill any civilians even when 500 pound bombs were dropped on convoys and near residential areas and we will investigate any civilian deaths due to NATO bombings and will punish the people involved even if one civilian death has occurred (Pilots and commanders)

    If you cannot do this I think we shouldn’t have gone to Libya in the first place and should have left them to them selves

    Though Nato Bombing stopped now it is too late for thousands of civilians killed in Sirte and Ben Walid

    I guess their relatives will live hating us


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