Libya Solidarity Rally

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Where: Manitoba Legislative Building, 450 Broadway, Winnipeg

THIS IS A NATION-WIDE EVENT. Other cities across Canada will be having peaceful rallies on this day. Please come and show your support!

Please come and join the peaceful rally in at the Manitoba Legislative Building. The people of Libya are out in protest asking for their basic human rights of freedom and dignity. The government’s response has been horrifying. The same government that is supposed to protect the welfare of its people has instead been murdering them. This protest is to condemn these vile acts and bring attention to what is happening.

We stand in solidarity with the people of Yemen and Bahrain as well! Please encourage others who are in support of Yemen or Bahrain to come and have their voices heard!

“My name is Freedom; born in Tunisia, raised in Egypt, studied in Yemen, fought in Libya and I’ll grow up in all the Arab world.”

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