Dionysus in Stony Mountain

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a play by Steven Ratzlaff

dionysusYou are invited to a free and enjoyable yet provocative and challenging event in the afternoon of Monday, April 26.

Local actor and playwright Steven Ratzlaff, along with equally talented thespian Sarah Constible, will present a staged reading of Steven’s play, Dionysus in Stony Mountain.

Dionysus in Stony Mountain is an emotionally powerful play that is not afraid to tackle serious and troubling philosophical ideas, and make them vital and urgent.

Set in Stony Mountain Institution, the play tells the story of James, a prisoner who seems to be suffering from manic depression and has been reading the works of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. His psychiatrist, Heidi, wants him to go back on his meds, but he insists that Nietzsche is better than meds, and indeed that if she listens carefully, he can explain to her how Nietzsche’s ideas make a strong case for the pointlessness of her work in the prison. They are both persuasive people, and the boundaries of acceptable therapy are tested by their attempts to influence each other.

This event, sponsored by the John Howard Society, The Elizabeth Fry Society, The Mennonite Central Committee, Mediation Services, Project Peacemakers and The Manitoba Corrections Chaplains will bring together volunteers, workers and other interested parties to reflect together on the challenges raised by the play. A question and answer session will follow the performance.

The afternoon will run from 1:00-4:30 on Monday, April 26th at the West End Cultural Centre (586 Ellice @ Sherbrook). There will be no cost but a free will offering will be received to help supplement the sponsorship money that has been fronted.

Space is limited so we ask that you register with the John Howard Society by either calling 775-1514 or emailing them at office@johnhoward.mb.ca. Further information is available from Glenn Morison, Winnipeg Remand Centre Chaplain at 945-0960.

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