CBC publishes Afghan detainee documents

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Who wants to read some Afghan detainee documents?

By Janyce McGregor, CBC News, March 26, 2010

afghan-redacted-cbcReading, sorting, and analyzing pages and pages of documents (even though there IS an awful lot of the censor’s black ink) isn’t everyone’s thing.

But a few of us here are into it, treasure-hunt style, and the results are getting into our newscasts already.

In the spirit of transparency, we wondered if some of you might want to join in the frenzy of scanning, parsing and debating that started yesterday afternoon here in the Parliamentary precinct. Why should opposition party researchers and the geekier members of the Parliamentary Press Gallery have all the fun?

So have at it folks — we’re sharing the full 2,628 pages of the documents tabled in the House of Commons yesterday morning with you.

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