Canada out of Afghanistan? Don’t kid yourself!

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By Paul S. Graham, March 31, 2010

A CBC online poll is asking “Should Canadian combat forces remain in Afghanistan past 2011?” At the moment, 74 per cent have answered “No.” While encouraging, this is somewhat higher than what we’ve seen in more scientific polls, and not likely indicative of Canadian public opinion.

According to the most recent Angus Reid poll (Feb. 24, 2010) “47 per cent of respondents support the military operation involving Canadian soldiers, while 49 per cent oppose it.” This appears to indicate a softening of Canadian opposition to the war because, as recently as last October, only 37 per cent supported Canada’s combat role while 56 per cent opposed it, once again, according to Angus Reid.

Stephen Harper continues to insist that Canada’s combat days in Afghanistan will end next year. However, we would be naive if we thought that Canada will cease its meddling in Afghanistan or that it intends to drop its support for the corrupt Karzai regime.

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