An alternative to paying taxes for war

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The majority of Canadians is opposed to the war in Afghanistan and would not willingly participate in it. At the same time as we oppose the war, we pay the taxes that underwrite the death and destruction Canada is bringing to that country.

What if you could divert that portion of your tax dollars that now pays for the bullets and bombs and soldiers that are killing Afghans to a peaceful purpose?

Below is a short message from Conscience Canada on one alternative to having your dollars drafted for military service.

For many of us it is not enough to avoid personal military service because we know that funds taken from us in the form of tax will be used for war and other violent purposes. In other words, we know that we will be made complicit in war through our taxes no matter what our beliefs and values might be.

As Conscientious Objectors we want to know that all funds that we turn over to government will be used only for peaceful purposes. We therefore call ourselves Conscientious Objectors to Military Taxation (COMT).

Conscience Canada has worked since 1978:

  • to promote a change in law to allow all Canadians the right to conscientiously object to military taxation as a right of conscience guaranteed in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms;
  • to educate Canadians about freedom of conscience and conscientious objection to military taxation;
  • to support conscientious objection to military taxation; and
  • to defend freedom of conscience.

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