Good news for war resisters in Canada

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War resister Matt Lowell granted stay of removal
Iraq war resister Matt Lowell was granted a stay of deportation on October 27th. Matt had been ordered to leave Canada by October 28th or face deporation to the United States where he would face a court martial for his refusal to participate in the Iraq war.

Matt’s decision follows similar Federal Court decisions to grant stays to war resisters Corey Glass and Jeremy Hinzman.

Patrick Hart & family receive a deferral of deportation
On Wednesday, October 8, US Iraq War resister Patrick Hart, his wife Jill and son Rian were told that they must voluntarily leave Canada or they will be deported to the United States on October 30. This date has now been deferred to January 15th.

Patrick is a former sergeant and a nine-year veteran of the US military. Patrick served one tour of duty in the Middle East as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. After that experience, he made the decision that he could no longer take part in the illegal and unwarranted military occupation. He and his family moved to Toronto in August 2005.

Source: War Resisters Suport Campaign

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