Peace for Child Soldiers

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More than 250,000 children around the world are carrying weapons as members of the armed forces or militia, says one of Canada’s leading peace activists and crusaders against the use of child soldiers. Peace activist Dr. Ken Eyre will present a public address entitled “Peace for Child Soldiers.”

Date: Monday, Oct. 20
Time: 7:30
Place: University of Winnipeg, Room 3M71 Manitoba Hall
Sponsors: Global College and Ridd Institute for Religion and Global Policy

Ken Eyre is manager of special projects at the Pearson Peacekeeping Centre in Ottawa.
A former infantry officer in the Canadian Army, Eyre has worked for the last 25 years as a researcher in areas such as peacekeeping, disaster management, domestic operations, international security and military operations below the threshold of war. He has participated in operations or conducted field research in Cyprus, Bosnia, Croatia, Rwanda, Haiti and Ethiopia and Eritrea.