Canada’s Afghan Torture Inquiry To Go Ahead

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Defiant military watchdog widens inquiry

Report calls for hearings into alleged handover of detainees to torturers; top officers could be forced to testify


Globe and Mail, October 1, 2008

The Harper government’s efforts to derail the independent inquiry into whether high-ranking Canadian Forces officers turned a blind eye to war crimes by turning detainees over to known Afghan torturers, were rejected yesterday by the Military Police Complaints Commission.

Overriding government objections, MPCC chairman Peter Tinsley’s 83-page decision, released yesterday, sets the stage for the most wide-ranging inquiry into the upper echelons of the Canadian military since the Somalia inquiry into the torture and murder of a defenceless teenager by elite Canadian troops in 1993.

“Despite all of the Attorney-General of Canada’s arguments to the contrary, the public interest requires an investigation,” Mr. Tinsley concludes.

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