Reinstate Malalai Joya

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On May 21, there will be an international day of action in support of suspended Afghan MP Malalai Joya. Joya was suspended from the Afghan Parliament May 21, 2007 for three years. Her crime: speaking out about the record of human rights abuses by members of the warlord dominated Afghan Parliament.

She has faced death threats, assault and attempts on her life. She needs and deserves our support.

The Canadian Peace Alliance is calling on members and supporters to organize events or to send letters demanding that Joya be re-instated to the Afghan Parliament. It is also calling on the government of Canada to immediately call for her to be re-instated to the parliament to which she was duly elected.

The case of Malalai Joya speaks volumes about the nature of the new Afghan government, currently being supported by more than 2500 Canadian soldiers. She is a tireless defender of women’s rights and has organized a grassroots movement for peace and democracy in Afghanistan. That movement which can lay the foundation for real democratic development is being silenced by the Afghan state.

Please take the time to fax or e-mail a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Foreign Minister Maxime Bernier, the Afghan ambassador to Canada, Omar Samad, and the Afghan President Hamid Karzai and demand that they re-instate Malalai Joya.

To learn how you can support Ms. Joya, click here.

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