Winnipeg Action against the Occupation

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The Peace Alliance Winnipeg held a very successful action on Saturday, March 15 as part of the Interntional Day of Action against the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. About 20 cities held actions in response to the call of the Canadian Peace Alliance for nation wide protests to oppose Canada’s occupation of Afghanistan.

One hundred people joined the hour long demonstration at the Government of Canada offices at Main and Water. It concluded with a number of speakers who talked about the objectives of the war and the militarization of Canadian life through such things as the yellow ribbon campaign and the promotion of the armed forces in the schools. The raging grannies offered two anti-war poems — one done in rap style.

Before dispersing those present decided that they would cross Main Street to where an unmarked panel van was parked. It was manned by Winnipeg Police who had been taking photographs of the demonstration despite being asked not to do so. Member of Parliament for Winnipeg North Judy Wasylycia-Leis was in attendance and questioned the police as to why they found it necessary to photograph Winnipeggers exercising their right to free speech.

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