Demonstration in Support of Palestinians

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On a bitterly cold day the Peace Alliance Winnipeg, Jews for Just Peace and Canada-Palestine Support Network held a demonstration at the Manitoba Legislature to condemn the ongoing violence, economic and humanitarian blockade of Gaza by Israel. The demonstration was attended by about 30 people who, for an hour, faced a north wind that produced wind chills of -27. A large banner in the demonstration read: “The Bombing Has Stopped — Gaza Siege Continues”.

Speakers from each of the organizations condemned the ongoing violence against the Palestinians in Gaza and called for action by the Canadian and Manitoba governments to oppose this. As the action took place on the same day as the annual open house for the public to meet with provincial MLA’s, hundreds of people passed by the demonstration.

CBC Radio, Global News and a journalist from The Uniter (student newspaper at the University of Winnipeg) attended and did interviews with representatives of the three organizations.

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